Apple Maps redesign has launched in the US

A few days back, Apple released a substantial update that brings a greater focus on privacy along with an impressive bunch of helpful features including real-time transit details, flight statuses, easy sharing of arrival times and user-created collections and much more. As reported by Wired, the map app no longer utilizes TomTom for US map data since Apple now relies entirely on its own internal framework. This seems to be in line with the company’s stated goal of providing the best and most private map service. With full control of the data, they can implement measures to protect that data as described in their official release post.

Among the new features is the Small Google Street View iconGoogle Street View like Look Around. It’s available for major cities like Los Angeles and New York and more places should be added over time. Also notable is the addition of indoor maps for malls and airports. Some of those locations are incredibly difficult to navigate as they cover so much ground but the new feature automatically provides details like floor level, restroom locations and indicators for whether stores and restaurants are open. It can also alleviate the need for indoor map tools like Small Path Guide iconPath Guide.

There’s also natural language guidance using Siri for more human-like navigation directions. And flyovers let users experience an immersive, high-resolution view from above for over 350 cities. Much more detail and info about privacy features is available through the official post.

Further coverage:
Official release post

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